CROCHET helps relieve stress, DOGS love you unconditionally, COUPONS leave you a little extra money in your pocket and FOOD nourishes your soul...what more could you ask for?

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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What JellyBeanster is all about..

After months of observing and following others, picking up books and teaching ourselves, countless hours of research on the internet, and a little bit of nostalgia kicking in (Miss you Kristina!!) this is the outcome of it all.

It all started in a house, a little house.  Four college students (2 couples) piled in and called it home for a great senior year at UCF (go Knights!!). Memories were made, thoughts shared and most of all lessons learned!  Kristina and I (Brenda) learned to cook new recipes, saved lots of money with coupons, changed the lives of a few fortunate doggies, and learned to crochet.  We hope to share and pass on a few of the things we were lucky (and skillful) enough to come across.Join us as we CREATE. crafts through crochet, LOVE. the awesome rescue and foster dogs in our lives, SAVE. money through finding the best deals for us and for our doggies, and as we OBSESS. over the latest trends that we fall in love with and just can't live without!  Hope you enjoy our rants... and as always, feel free to rant back :-)

We hope this blog helps you, teaches you, or maybe even inspires you in your everyday endeavors :-)
Don't forget to share the wealth!  We want to see your new crochet projects!  Your happy dog (and kitten... pets in general really) stories, and your delicious new recipes! We love to learn from others as well!

And remember...