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Monday, October 31, 2011

Futurama Brain Slugs!!

Brain Slug Bros
My friend and her boyfriend dressed up as Leela and Fry from Futurama and of course, needed brain slugs to complete their costume.  We stitched these little guys up the night before we went downtown and they were perfect!!  We used white and black felt for the eyes.  The white was sewed on and the black dot was just glued on with good ol' tacky glue.  The pattern basically consists of a typical round crochet pattern, increasing as you go (~5 rounds) then just crocheting stitch for stitch no inc or dec (~2 rounds), decreasing to make his little "hourglass shape" (lol) and then finally increasing again towards the bottom to get that little flare.  The little "phalanges" are simply made by counting up: sc, hdc, dc, treble, dc, hdc, sc... EZPZ :-)

Mad props goes to Katy Ellen for coming up with such a great pattern AND making it FREE for anyone to enjoy!  Go check out her pattern on Ravelry and make some slugs for yourself :-)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Bath & Body Works Online Deal

I love the holidays oh so much not just for the great family time and ridiculous amount of food ingested but it's also the time when we get the BEST deals!  Bath & Body works is having a huge sale to clear out all the halloween stuff and make room for the Christmas stuff PLUS you get 20% off with a code!  Bath & Body works handsoap is by far my favorite... even though I coupon to purchase pretty much everything else in my house, the Softsoap that goes on sale for $1 all the time just doesn't cut it for me(call me crazy!)

I got TEN handsoaps for $22.69 SHIPPED to my house :-)  That's $2.27 for each handsoap that's usually $7 a piece! Can you say awesome??

Use Code: SHOP25 to get the extra 20% off + $1 shipping for orders over $25

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Target Deals of the Week - 10/20

I was able to make a Target trip yesterday to pick up a couple things.  I ended up finding some unexpected deals (Don't you just love when that happens?)  Here's what I got:

(4) Boxes 375ct Q-tips on sale @ $2.59: Buy 4 get $5 Target Gift Card
- (4) 60 cents/1 Q-tips 300 ct or larger MQs from RecycleBank
FINAL PRICE: 84 cents a box after gift card

(2) packs of Extra Gum 99 cents each
- (1) $1/2 MQ from newspaper
- (1) $1/2 Target Coupon

(1) Method Cleaning Solution on sale @ $3.19

(6) Vaseline Lotions (2 were huge bonus size 24.5oz and the other 4 were 10oz)
Buy (4) 10oz bottles at $2.99 get $5 gift card & Buy (2) 24.5oz bottles get $5 gift card
- (2) MQ Buy One 24.5oz bottles get a 13oz bottle or smaller free
FINAL PRICE: $6 for all 6 bottles AND the large ones came with an EXTRA bottle AND Vaseline :-) 

1 lb ground beef $3.99
- (1) $1/1 Peelie Coupon


Dove Shampoo/Conditioner $2.99 Buy 4 and get $5 Target Gift card
- (2) BOGO Dove from Newspaper
FINAL PRICE: $1 for all 4 bottles after gift card :-)

Curel Lotion $2.99 Buy 2 Get $5 gift card
-(2) $1/1 MQ or $2/1 from newspaper (different places got different values)
FINAL PRICE: FREE + overage!!

In the end, I paid $$14 after gift cards!! Not bad for a quick trip!  I didn't get the Dove deal because I had already used my BOGO coupons a week ago at CVS but if you still have these, make sure you grab that deal while you're there!  I also didn't grab the Curel deal because they were all out at my Target :-(

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crochet Mario Blanket Part 2- Piranha Plant

FINALLY!! I finished the Piranha plant!!  Now all I have to do it tie off the ends on the messy back part.

Here's what the front looks like...

And the back...

I can post the stitch chart if anyone needs it, just let me know!

Next one is Yoshi!!

You can check out Part 1 HERE!

Here is the stitch chart for this piranha plant.  Please post whatever you use it for, I would love to see! Enjoy! :-D

Piranha Stitch Chart:
- red
- white (the x in the stitch chart represents white)
- light green
- dark green
- black
-background color (I used grey for mine)

I also scaled mine by making each square on the chart equal to 4 stitches (2 tall by 2 wide).  This way I could make it bigger but still keep the picture proportional.  Beware though because this is essentially making each "pixel" bigger and you risk it looking pixelated.  So try to clean it up a bit and "smooth out" any edges on your stitch chart before you begin!  I also put 2 versions.  If you want to make your plant taller just copy the leaves and stem portion over and over until it's tall enough, then add the tube part at the bottom.

Happy Stitching!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Crochet Mario Blanket Part 1- Mushrooms!

Ever since I was little, I would always play Mario Bros. with my cousins and brothers.  Needless to say, I got wicked good at that game.  As soon as the Wii version of the game came out, we immediately got it and beat it within a week lol... (Don't judge me! It was summer and I was bored)  anywho.... it gave me a great idea for a crochet project :-)

Here's what I have so far...

Crocheted Toad
I'm going to make a bunch of tiles as motifs, all with different mario "characters" or in the case of the picture above, items and then at the end, I will stitch them all together.  As you can see, the green mushroom is a bit smaller than the blue so I will just add more grey around the edges before I stitch them all together (i know it's the easy way out but there's NO way i'm ripping that one out!)

Shelby REFUSED to get out of the way :-)

I've already started on making one of the enemies, the piranha plant!  Here's what I have so far...

Crocheted Piranha Plant

I hope I can finish this weekend!  Who am i kidding... I hope I can finish this YEAR! It would be a pretty sweet xmas present for a very lucky person :-)


Here's the stitch chart for the mushroom!  I used purple but you can choose any color you want.

Toad stitch chart

- purple (or any color of your choice)
- black
- white (the x represents white in the chart)
- background color

Nail Art Inspiration

After discovering the awesome magnetic nail polish being sold at Sephora and then consequently deciding I was going to wait a little while before buying it, I just HAD to do a manicure of some sort....
I snooped around on the internet for some ideas and lo and behold I found CutePolish!!

This girl has got a gift! She has sooo many fab ideas for nail art... I decided to give her Newspaper nails a try and check it out!

Please Ignore Math HW in the background....
This was my first try so obviously not as perfect as CutePolish did it, but I'm still pretty proud :-)
I did it using newspaper.  I just painted my nails like I normally would and made sure they were totally dry.  I used a cloudy grey color by OPI (can't remember the EXACT name) but you can use other colors, just try not to use too dark of a color since the ink on the newspaper doesn't transfer too dark onto your nail.

After your nails are done and VERY dry, dip a nail in alcohol and immediately press the newspaper to it.  Hold it there for about 4 seconds and SLOWLY peel it off.  You will see the ink transferred onto your nail!  Let it dry for about 1 minute and then apply a fat layer of topcoat and VOILA! so simple so awesome :-)

Thanks CutePolish!!

Coolest nail polish EVER!

Sephora is now selling this MAGNETIC nail polish created by British company Nails Inc.  This is by far the coolest nail polish ever and I'm pretty tempted to pay the full price ($16) for it.... then again I know in the back of my mind that there will either be:

a.) a sale very very soon
b.) a coupon :-)

so what's the rush!?  They have it in 2 colors, gunmetal gray and an eggplant purple... ahh i love LOVE the purple.. obsessed.

Check out the video HERE