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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crazy Holidays

I'm sure everyone is running around during the busy holiday season trying to buy those last minute xmas gifts and plan their holiday parties.  Mine has been even a bit more crazy this year since I had to take my (last ever) final exams and graduate!  Yes, so I am now a college graduate *insert happy dance here*

I start work in January 3rd and am very much enjoying the time I have off to crochet and hang out with family.  This is literally the first moment I have had free since my last post!  I had final exams then I flew out the next day to take a training for work.  Then I got back home and the next morning was my graduation!  I ended up getting sick :-( but had to suck it up b/c the next day we got in the car to start our 17 hour drive to Maple Shade, New Jersey to visit the bf's family before the holidays.  The dogs even came with us fast asleep in the backseat, they were so good I couldn't believe it!  So, now we're in Jersey and I've been crocheting up xmas gifts like a mad woman just in time for the holidays!

I have also been working on those stitching charts so please stay tuned if you've been waiting for those! I promise I will get them done!

I hope to keep working on my mario blanket this upcoming week.  Maybe we can do a crochet-along?? ooooh tempting!! I will have to get my act together and post those stitching charts first!!

I will be back with a bunch of FOs to share!

Hope to see you soon but just in case I don't see ya,

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Happy Crafting!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Publix Pet Club Coupons! 12/8-1/4

Here are the new Publix Pet coupons!  Just click on either of the pic below to access and print them.  Stack these with some manufacturer's coupons to get some slick deals on xmas gifts for ur loves :-)

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Happy Shopping!