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Friday, June 3, 2011

Jackpot at Target!!

wahoooo!! Went to Target and I got what may be the best deal everrrrrr!

Target currently has a deal going on where you get a $5 target gift card when you buy any 2 banana boat products.  I planned on getting two bottles of Aloe after sun lotion for $4.99 a piece so that I would get one free but lo and behold when I walked down the aisle, they had banana boat chap sticks on clearance for $1.77 and it had a sign that said it qualified for the $5 gift card!

Here's my shopping list:
  1. (1) Banana Boat Aloe after sun lotion @ $4.99
  2. (5) Banana Boat SPF 50 chap stick @ $1.77
With 3 sets of 2 Banana Boat products, I paid $3. 26 and got a $5 gift card!! Sooo Target pretty much paid me to get these lovely products off of their hands :-)  Just in time for summer!!


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