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Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy New Year

I can't believe it's 2012!  Crazy how time flies by... I feel like it was yesterday that the world was freaking out over the computers crashing bc of Y2K.... well I'm glad it didn't otherwise you wouldn't be reading this :-)

Everyone always says Happy new Year and has great parties but every new year I never feel any different.... except this one!  It really is a happy new year for me!  I finally finished my electrical engineering degree at UCF and .....wait for it.... I got a job!  It's been a huge transition to make from student to "young professional" or at least that's what they call me but I wouldn't say i'm really that professional quite yet ;-)

For the first time in a VERY long time I could sit around and do NOTHING!  And let me tell you , it was fantabulous!Well I guess we didn't really do nothing since we did road trip to New Jersey, then stayed at my parents house in Daytona Beach and then went to South FL for New years... But it was nice bc while I was at all of those different places, I didn't have to worry about school and when the next assignment was due OR about work!  It was a very much needed vacation...  One thing I did do... a whole lot of was crochet of course!  I started a bit late on the xmas presents (and yes December 25th is only a bit late in my world) but the important part was that I got them done! ok ok I'm still working on ONE but I will get it done!!

This is one of the xmas presents i actually finished!  It was a gift for the bf's sister.  I've been wanting to make her something and just couldn't figure out what color to use... well she's getting married and this was the exact color on her "save the date" magnets she sent out!  Perfect, I saw the color and fell in love with it.  It's pretty awesome what 1 skein of yarn and 1 crochet hook can do!

It needed something else though, so I made this little butterfly to hold it nicely folded while it made its way back up to New Jersey

Then I whipped up a nice cozy 100% wool scarf for the bf's momma.  The yarn is stitch nation by Debbie Stoller and it's amaaaazing!  The color is to dye for (hehe) and it was super easy to work with.  I loved the end product too!  I used Debbie Stoller's pattern "One Skein Scarf".  It was pretty chilly up in Jersey and this scarf is going to be perfect for those windy winter nights.

 When giving a gift, I feel like presentation is key... You have to make it look nice otherwise it doesn't really have the same affect, ya know?  I found some lilac ribbon and made a little bow on it to hold the scarf nicely folded during transit.  Put them side by size and wrapped them up in tissue paper...

and off they went!

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Happy Crafting!


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