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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Coupon Savings = Fuller Yarn Stash :-)

I haven't done one of these in a WHILE!  It wasn't too bad of a week this time around especially considering that I got a bunch of stuff I needed for Thanksgiving and not necessarily just what was on sale.

I paid $80 and Saved $100 :-)  It's always nice to save at least 50%!!

The bf even got lunch (which you can see him holding in the bottom right corner of the pic).  There was a $2 off a Turkey/Cranberry Publix sub combo so he lucked out because apparently that's his favorite sub during the holidays AND we had a coupon... love when that happens :-)

Some of the highlights were FREE Rachael Ray dog treats, FREE publix eggs, super cheap shredded cheese, free Dr. Pepper, 30 cents for each bag of Alexia frozen breads and super cheap evaporated milk for all of the baked goods that are coming!

I'll do a break-down if needed just let me know!

My friend told me about this yarn store in Orlando that I never heard of before!  It's called the Black Sheep, have you heard of it??   It's one of the 2 LYS here in Orlando so I'm very excited to go scope it out tomorrow especially since we saved $100 that were going to go to groceries :-)  Maybe I will splurge on some of this amazing Noro that everyone is talking about?

Or maybe I will get some organic cotton to make myself a pink version of the celtic beanie I designed for the bf!!  Only time will tell :-)


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