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Thursday, August 4, 2011

#4 ORGANIC OBSESS- Naked Coconut Juice

All of Naked's Juice products are fabulous but one that was super delicious to me was their coconut juice!  I spent 6 months living in Rio de Janeiro in 2010 for a semester abroad and fresh coconut (straight from the coconut!) juice was ALL I ever drank!! I was so bummed that i wouldn't have that anymore when I cam back to the states but now that i've found Naked's ALL NATURAL coconut juice, life is great again :-)

Better yet, there's a coupon out right now! 

Deal Scenario: Publix has BOGO Naked Juices $4.99 8/4-8/11 (Not sure if Coconut juice is included but will find out!)
-(2) $1/1 Manufacturer's Coupons found HERE
FINAL PRICE: $2.99 for TWO bottles :-)

Replace This: Gatorade and Powerade Sports Drinks
These sports drinks may be good especially when you're super thirsty after working out, but this all natural coconut water is JUST as good probably better and MUCH better for you!!  The coconut water quenches your thirst and gives your body the water it needs in order to replace the water lost during your sweaty workout!  It also does this WITHOUT any added artificial coloring or added sodium.  It's also super refreshing!! And did I mention it's all natural?! It wasn't made in a huge factory but it was made with lots of love by a coconut far far away :-)

Pair It With:  
A homemade sandwich or salad.  Make sure you make your sandwich or salad with fresh (preferably organic) ingredients!  This way your fresh salad will match the fresh coconut juice that goes with it :-)  I guarantee you will not feel weighed down after drinking a couple cartons of this delicious stuff!


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