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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Indulgent Organic Recipe- Fried Chocolate Creme Cookies!

An awesome customer of Batter Blaster submitted this great recipe as Fried Oreos using Batter Blaster as the dough!  I would suggest one more alteration and that's to use Back To Nature- Creme Chocolate Cookies (Organic version of oreos) instead of oreos.  Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying if you use organic ingredients, this recipe will be healthy... oh no!  BUT everything in moderation is ok... AND if you can avoid preservatives, then that's always good news.... I highlighted the changes I made in ingredients below.  Go HERE to check out the original recipe.

Pair It With: A nice long walk on the beach :-) or around the block! Take your significant other or your Loves :-)  Get some time away from the TV and the internet and go for a nice stroll to help burn off the "fried" calories.

- Sunflower Oil
- Batter Blaster Buttermilk or Organic Original batter
- Back To Nature- Chocolate Creme Cookies
- (optional) Honey
- (optional) Homemade whipped cream (Try Organic Valley's, it's delicious :-)

1. Heat Sunflower Oil in saucepan to a medium heat. Test the oil’s temperature by spraying a dab of Batter Blaster into the oil. If the batter keeps its color, then it’s ready. If the batter doesn’t bubble, turn up the heat. If the batter immediately turns brown, turn down the heat.

2. Next, spray some Batter Blaster in a small bowl and dunk the Back To Nature- Chocolate Creme Cookies (however many you want to make) in the batter to cover completely.

3. Using a pair of tongs, remove the Back To Nature- Chocolate Creme Cookies from the batter and drop them in the heated oil. Use a fork to flip the Back To Nature- Chocolate Creme Cookies to check the underside. Once this side is golden brown, flip the Oreo and let the reverse side cook for the same amount of time.

4. When both sides are golden brown, take the Back To Nature- Chocolate Creme Cookies out of the oil and place them on a paper towel to soak up the excess oil.

5. Serve the Back To Nature- Chocolate Creme Cookies on a plate topped with honey (or nothing at all!) and homemade whipped cream. Yum!

I'm definitely making these this weekend!!

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