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Thursday, August 4, 2011

New Organic Series of Posts! ORGANIC OBSESS!!

This month, I have decided to do something a little different.  I have been couponing for 3 months now and it's been fun, but I have not been eating as healthy as I would like to be.  My new goal with coupons is now not only to save money but save money on foods that are ACTUALLY GOOD FOR ME! This is why I have decided to start my first mini-series of month-long posts (one a day) on my favorite organic and/or natural products that can serve as GREAT ALTERNATIVES TO JUNK FOOD most people tend to buy when doing extreme couponing.  In each post, I will include the following:

- Brand and Item
- Price I have gotten it for before and sale scenario
- Coupon locations (if any are currently out)
- What junk food item it should replace in YOUR pantry!

I always hear a lot of people say "Organic food is so much more expensive and it's just not worth it." I used to be one of these people until around 5 months ago.  I began to read the ingredients and notice the NUMBER of ingredients in all of my favorite products.  Needless to say, they are not my favorite anymore!  I have found new and improved Organic and natural versions of the old preservative filled junk that was getting free rent space in my body.  I feel better and more awake in the mornings.  I am no longer a slave to coffee!!  I also sleep better at night since my body no longer stay awake churning away trying to break down the processed dinner I ate 4 hours prior...

The transition to organic foods can be a bit jarring if you do it all at once.  But if you do it gradually and slowly replace:
  • white processed sugar --> organic raw sugar
  • white bread --> whole grain bread
  • milk --> organic milk
  • sugary cereals --> whole grain and oats based organic cereals

you will adjust much better.  The reason for the crash when you're switching from a completely non-organic diet to an organic one is because your body is used to an intake of very sweet, very processed, and very artificial foods that the organic ones may not taste very good to you, not sweet enough, or too "hearty".  The truth is that your body goes through a withdrawal stage of the processed foods thus making it harder to switch to a lower-sugar, more natural, and more nutritional diet.  I am convinced (and I know you will be too after this post series) that if you start small and slowly replace one food item you often buy with the organic alternative each week, you will be on the road to success!

Now you will have some frustrations along the road...
1.  Not all grocery stores carry organic and/or natural items
     What You Can Do:  Ask your store manager to start carrying some of the brands I mention.  Some of my favorites are: Stonyfield, Annie's, Amy's, and Organic Valley.

2. Organic Foods tend to be More Expensive
     What You Can Do:  I know you extreme couponers out there know that there is ALWAYS a way to get food for CHEAP!!  Wait for a sale and make sure you stack coupons when you buy organic food items, I will help you with this!  If you have a Publix nearby and they accept Whole Foods coupons, then you're set!  Otherwise, if you have a Whole Foods Market nearby, this will help greatly too.  Look up some nearby Farmer's Markets or some fruit and vegetable co-ops to get your hands on some organic produce for much cheaper than you may find in the stores, not to mention much FRESHER!  Once you start seeing some of the organic and/or natural products I have been getting with coupons, you will no longer see the higher priced organic items to be that big of an obstacle... Besides organic foods are an INVESTMENT IN YOUR HEALTH!

Well I hope that this introduction post has gotten the wheels rolling for some of you... 30 days is all I'm asking!!  I'll post 1 food item a day and you replace 1 food item a week, that's it!  Just one!

And for those dog lovers out there... your Loves can eat organic too without you having to break your piggybank!  I'll make sure to put some doggy deals out there too.

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