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Thursday, August 4, 2011

#2 ORGANIC OBSESS- Liberte Mediteranean Yogurt

This is by far the BEST YOGURT I HAVE EVER HAD!  It's delicious with a great variety of flavors and best of all it's ALL NATURAL!  It contains no preservatives and is made from naturally-occurring ingredients.  It also has a thicker consistency and MORE protein so it helps keep you full in the morning until lunch time hits.

Deal Scenario: Publix Every 4-5 weeks has them on sale for 80 cents a piece (Reg. Price $1)
- $1/5 Coupon HERE
FINAL PRICE: $3/5 or 60 cents a piece

Replace This:
Any and all sugary yogurt made with artificial flavoring and ingredients.  These often come disguised bearing quirky names like Yoplait or Go-Gurt.

Pair It With:Back To Nature Granola 
Goes on sale at Publix- BOGO at $3.19 (It's been a while so I'm expecting a sale soon!) Have your coupons ready to go!
- Whole Foods Store Coupon HERE
- Manufacturer's Coupon HERE

Stack those coupons!

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