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Monday, October 24, 2011

Bath & Body Works Online Deal

I love the holidays oh so much not just for the great family time and ridiculous amount of food ingested but it's also the time when we get the BEST deals!  Bath & Body works is having a huge sale to clear out all the halloween stuff and make room for the Christmas stuff PLUS you get 20% off with a code!  Bath & Body works handsoap is by far my favorite... even though I coupon to purchase pretty much everything else in my house, the Softsoap that goes on sale for $1 all the time just doesn't cut it for me(call me crazy!)

I got TEN handsoaps for $22.69 SHIPPED to my house :-)  That's $2.27 for each handsoap that's usually $7 a piece! Can you say awesome??

Use Code: SHOP25 to get the extra 20% off + $1 shipping for orders over $25


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