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Friday, October 14, 2011

Nail Art Inspiration

After discovering the awesome magnetic nail polish being sold at Sephora and then consequently deciding I was going to wait a little while before buying it, I just HAD to do a manicure of some sort....
I snooped around on the internet for some ideas and lo and behold I found CutePolish!!

This girl has got a gift! She has sooo many fab ideas for nail art... I decided to give her Newspaper nails a try and check it out!

Please Ignore Math HW in the background....
This was my first try so obviously not as perfect as CutePolish did it, but I'm still pretty proud :-)
I did it using newspaper.  I just painted my nails like I normally would and made sure they were totally dry.  I used a cloudy grey color by OPI (can't remember the EXACT name) but you can use other colors, just try not to use too dark of a color since the ink on the newspaper doesn't transfer too dark onto your nail.

After your nails are done and VERY dry, dip a nail in alcohol and immediately press the newspaper to it.  Hold it there for about 4 seconds and SLOWLY peel it off.  You will see the ink transferred onto your nail!  Let it dry for about 1 minute and then apply a fat layer of topcoat and VOILA! so simple so awesome :-)

Thanks CutePolish!!


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