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Friday, October 14, 2011

Crochet Mario Blanket Part 1- Mushrooms!

Ever since I was little, I would always play Mario Bros. with my cousins and brothers.  Needless to say, I got wicked good at that game.  As soon as the Wii version of the game came out, we immediately got it and beat it within a week lol... (Don't judge me! It was summer and I was bored)  anywho.... it gave me a great idea for a crochet project :-)

Here's what I have so far...

Crocheted Toad
I'm going to make a bunch of tiles as motifs, all with different mario "characters" or in the case of the picture above, items and then at the end, I will stitch them all together.  As you can see, the green mushroom is a bit smaller than the blue so I will just add more grey around the edges before I stitch them all together (i know it's the easy way out but there's NO way i'm ripping that one out!)

Shelby REFUSED to get out of the way :-)

I've already started on making one of the enemies, the piranha plant!  Here's what I have so far...

Crocheted Piranha Plant

I hope I can finish this weekend!  Who am i kidding... I hope I can finish this YEAR! It would be a pretty sweet xmas present for a very lucky person :-)


Here's the stitch chart for the mushroom!  I used purple but you can choose any color you want.

Toad stitch chart

- purple (or any color of your choice)
- black
- white (the x represents white in the chart)
- background color


Anonymous said...

Hi not sure if you're still active here but I was wondering if you could help. Your blog here is my example but my eyes and the sides are going so not straight.. any idea what I'm dping wrong? my counting is correct

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