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Friday, June 3, 2011

Andy the Android

Ever since I started to crochet, I kept wanting to make something for the boyfriend.... anything really.  I just didn't want to commit myself to making a sweater or something that would take me forever (and I don't think my attention span is long enough anyways) or something that would later get accidentally put in the wash and get ruined or even worse... something he wouldn't use!  *GASP*  It would truly suck to spend that much time on something just for it to sit around gathering dust bunnies...

Anywho, lately he's gotten into the Android OS for mobile phones.   He must have tried out every single version, flashed a bazillion ROMs, and hacked about 5 different models of phones.  I did notice that the one thing he seemed to be most excited about was when he would find a picture of the classic Android vs Apple battle.  This is the exact picture that brings oh so much joy to his little heart...

and then the best idea ever struck!!  I decided to crochet him a little Android man.... the boyfriend then uniquely named him "Andy" the android.


The pattern is not mine and all the credit in the world goes to Brittany J. Jackson who made this awesome pattern and then posted it on for all to enjoy!  You can find her free pattern for this awesome little android man HERE.

I have to say... best boyfriend gift ever!!


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