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Friday, June 3, 2011


The first of many to come... Our guest spot feature: RAZINsays!

Todays special topic is on doggy massage, especially important for a senior dog. Massages have been widely used for centuries, and if you wiki search and don't mind wikipedia information (come on, what time crunched college student doesn't?) you'll see just how long human kind has been enjoying its benefits. So why can't our pets reap the benefits, too? So here is a special feature where my 13 year old Razin gives his tips on keeping your senior doggy happy, healthy, calm and pain free!

Uh, hey, my name is Razin, but my friends call me Raybini. Im gonna keep it short cause there are lizards to be slayed, so here it goes. Like most of my Jack Russel friends I was NUTS in my heyday. Sprinting after cars and balls, jumping 4 feet high, licking the dry wall off in the kitchen (there was a shadow! it freaked me out), my joints and bones took more than a beating. So im an ol' geezer now and my mom keeps reminding me of all the things i shouldn't be doing, and how I need to watch my health. I hate her nagging but one thing I love is my morning massages! There is nothing worse than having to get up from my warm, cushy, fluffy bed (especially when mom lets me sleep with her. I don't get why she wont do it more often, its so warm and comfy! anyway... i digress) and having to walk outside all stiff and achy. So I LOVE when mom sweetly calls to me "Raybini time to get wake up!" cause then I know I get my rub down. She starts with kisses and an ear rub, ooohhh so good! and then gently moves over my neck and shoulders. My doc says I carry a lot of stress in my right shoulder so she is more gentle there so I don't pain from it. Slowly and softly she runs her hands all along my back and legs and I can feel myself warming up. I think she must have read a few words on massage, cause man is it good! Maybe she checked out this article and watched a video or two, like this Youtube video on dog massage. After a few minutes of lovin' I am ready to go! Lizards, here I come!!! 13 years and I still get chills from the chase! 

So, Razin says: massages... 2 paws up!

Massage helps stimulate blood flow and lymphatic fluid, which may help with swelling and more effective immune response. Also, for doggies with cardiovascular problems (ie. blood pressure, enlarged hearts and atherosclerosis) it can help the blood flow more easily, allowing for less strain on the heart! Sounds good to me! Also, we humans get massages for relaxation and as treats for our hard work so massages work great for those same reasons on doggies! So read up on how to make your doggy more relaxed, calm, and ready for the day and give a gentle doggy massage!

Best wishes, 


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