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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Publix Trip 5/31

The publix trip yesterday was pretty sweet.  I got a good variety of things for the house without spending that much. 
Here is my shopping list:
  1. (3) Dreamfields Pasta boxes (ON SALE @ 3/$5)
  2. (2) Zone Perfect Energy Bars (ON SALE @ 10 for $10)
  3. (2) Right Guard Mens Deoderant (ON SALE @$1.95)
  4. (2) Johnson & Johnson Red Cross Gauze products ($1.99)
  5. (1) Breakstone's 4 pack cottage cheese (ON SALE @ 2 for $4)
  6. (2) Lysol no touch hand soap system ($11.99)
  7. (1) Air wick scent releaser (ON SALE @ $5.99)
  8. (2) Athenos Yogurt (ON SALE @ 10 for $10)
  9. (1) Combat insect killer ($4.69)
Here are the coupons I used:
  • (3) $1/1 Dreamfields Pasta (
  • (2) 0.55/1 zone perfect single bar or box (sunday newspaper)
  • (2) $1/1 Right Guard Deoderant ( printable)
  • (1) $3/1 (ACD in store coupon)
  • (1) $1/1 Breakstone 4-pack cottage cheese (sunday newspaper)
  • (1) BOGO free Publix coupon for Lysol no touch hand soap system (summer savings coupon book at the front of the store)
  • (2) $3/1 Lysol no touch hand soap system
  • (1) $4/1 Air wick scent dispenser starter system (
  • (1) 0.75/2 Athenos Yogurts
  • (1) $3/1 Combat Product Publix coupon (summer savings coupon book at the front of the store)
  • (1) $2/1  Combat product
I had initially gone to the store to pick up the Lysol soap systems, combat,  the dreamfields pasta and the BOGO OFF! clip on offer but they were out of clip-ons!  Everything else I noticed was on sale while walking up and down the aisles and realized I had coupons for them!  Not too shabby....

In the end, I paid with $37.85 in coupons and $18.33 out of pocket including tax.  67% savings!  I don't factor in the sale price when I calculate my savings because anyone can get the sale price by simply walking into the store...I think the cool part is using the coupons to get the price even lower.


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