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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hola! Me llamo Kristina...


 Don't worry, I will not write in spanish for the rest of my posts because I can't speak it all that well, but I thought it would be fun to introduce myself that way. One of my favorite friends already gave introduction explaining how we met and what our blog is all about, but I thought I would say a little bit about me. 

I am young in years, but old in heart. I love cooking for others, crafting, the outdoors and my dogs! I have two amazing, special, lovable and oh so fucking cute jack russel terriers. They are senior citizens so we are especially cautious on their doggy food and exercise. Unfortunately at this time I am pretending to be Ms. Busy-Jet-Setter and have been flying around the country visiting family, my boyfriend of seven years (Yes, your read it right; seven years. We met when I was 15... creepy, huh?) and vacationing so my boys are with their uncle Jon, living it up college style in Orlando. I miss them like crazy, but am passing the time looking around online to learn more on keeping them healthy and happy, while spending my few moments of spare time crafting, shopping and preparing. 

Preparing for what, you may ask? Well... after studying my ass off for four years, I finally made into a great medical school and will be moving away to start another four years of absorbing a crazy amount of DETAILED information so that I can maybe help someone someday. Eh, who knows. I'll keep you posted on how that works out. ;-) 

Anywho... Razin and Zylo are the canine loves of my life so a lot of my post will be surrounded around them. 

So, so far you know that I am a medical student with two dogs, and that I have healthy appetite for curse words. I am going to apologize now if it offends you, but I also must warn you that when I get excited and passionate, which I do so on a daily basis, I tend to curse. And since this is a blog on our likes, dislikes, hobbies and tips, I figured what better way to know us than to read our blog and actually hear us saying this stuff out loud as in a conversation-- which includes my fucking disgusting vocabulary. I am working on expanding my knowledge of the English language so that these words don't come out, because I do agree that swearing is a form of vocabulary ignorance, BUT in the meantime you will have to suffer because I love me some filthy words!

Stay tuned on upcoming posts on relocating pets to a new area, awesome shopping websites for brand name goods on a college budget, super CUTE crochet projects ( a purple elephant named Lola, loopy bright pillow, and chunky throw blankets and AWESOME thigh high leg warmers), my new obsessions (including some authors, tea and essential oils... you'll see) and missing my bestie, Brendy!

Best wishes,



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