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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Great deal on Tupperware

Over the years, we have slowly gathered up a bunch of tupperware, crappy tupperware that is.  There's a bunch that are stained, slightly broken, and others that just spill all the time.  We also learned not too long ago just how harmful BPA in plastic is for us and how microwaving plastics also hurts us.  This is why we're slowly trying to transition to buying glass and BPA free tupperware to use for food.  The glass is great to take lunch to work bc I can microwave it in the glass tupperware and not worry about putting harmful chemicals in my body.

Thank goodness there's a deal for tupperware today!!  Plum District has a $50 voucher to LockNLock for only $23.  It gets better though!!  Sign up through HERE and I can gift you $5 credit to Plum District!  AND on top of that, use the code: "fabulous" to get an extra 10% off your order!! (exp 2/14/12)

With both promotions, you get a $50 voucher for only $16.20!!

Already have a Plum District account?  HERE is the direct link to the deal.

They even have containers for pets, kids, glass with seals, normal glass, BPA free plastics, water bottles and a lot of other stuff.  Their prices are also pretty good, much cheaper than what you would find it for in the store for sure.  They also have stuff for baby food for all the moms out there!

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