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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New Project- Reupholstering a plain jane bench

My neighbor dropped this off outside one day by his trash.  I'm not usually one to go trash-picking or anything but I have ALWAYS wanted a little bench by the foot of my bed...somewhere I could sit down and strap my shoes on in the mornings.  But this one needed some work!  It was originally cream colored (I think) and when I found it, it was slightly brown.... yuck.  I steam cleaned it and disinfected it using Seventh Generation's botanical compound (ahh I love it!).  It's nice because it only contains cleaning agents that come from plants so it's all natural and will not infest my newly beloved bench with nasty chemicals!

All Clean!

Anyways, I didn't have any fabric BUT I did find this old cloth shower curtain!  I placed it over the top of the bench and measured it, it was the perfect size :-)  I borrowed my mom's staple gun and a few staples and it's almost done!!  I have the middle and one arm of it done.... hopefully this week I can finish it up and put it in my room... I'll be sure to post a pic of the finished product.

Left side is only missing a leg!
Left side from the front


Sweet sweet progress!! Almost done....


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