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Monday, July 11, 2011

Publix Trip 7/11

Stopped by at Publix today too to pick up some pumpkin for my nugget. (little cairn terrier/dachsund mix).  She has been having some anal gland issues and man does she stink up the ENTIRE room every time she has an episode.  I read online to give them coconut oil and pumpkin to help them express the glands on their own instead of taking them to the vet's office.  My vet charged me $33 to express them last time!  And that was a competitive price compared to other vets in the area... well I'm willing to try some $5 organic coconut oil (LINK) and some pumpkin before I pay those $33 again...

I didn't find pumpkin (not really the season for it) but I did find some organic squash and another deal :-)

4lb Organic Squash from Chile $1.99

Sundown Naturals Vitamin D 4000IU  $2.99
- $6/2 Sundown Naturals Mix & Match Publix coupon (In green booklet at front of store exp: 7/15)

In the end, I paid $1.97 for $8 worth of product :-)

You could also get this for FREE if you sign up for Sundown Naturals coupons HERE and then use 2 of the $1/1 vitamin coupons... the overage would cover the squash and you would actually walk out of the store with Publix owing you 3 cents :-)


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