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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Target Trip 7/13- Paid $10.87 OOP --> 68% savings!

*                     TQ = Target Coupon found HERE                    *
*                         MQ = Manufacturer's Coupon                       *
*   TMQ = Target Mobile Coupon.  You can sign up HERE    *

Transaction #1
Buy 2 Schick Razors (Men or Womens) and get a $5 Target Gift Card
(2) Men's Schick Quattro disposable (4ct)
(2) Women's Schick Quattro disposable (4ct)
- (2) Buy one Get one Free MQ from 6/26 SmartSource Insert
- (1) $1/1 Any Schick disposable pack of razors from 6/26 SmartSource Insert
FINAL PRICE: $13.68 - $10 gift card = $3.68
Transaction #2
(1) Sharpies on sale for 99 cents
- $1/1 TQ

Wholly Guacamole 2 pack on sale for $5.09
- $1.50/1 MQ found HERE ($1.50/1 no longer available but $1/1 is still there!)
- $1/1 TMQ

Aussie Hairspray 
Aussie Conditioner
- $3/2 Aussie or Herbal Essences when one of them is a hair styling product from P&G insert 7/3
FINAL PRICE: $2.11 for both! 
* Even cheaper if you get two hairsprays but I need conditioner more than hairspray :-)

1 lb of strawberries on sale for $1.99

Standard RE- Room Essentials Pillow $2.50 (Normal Price)
- $2/1 RE pillow TQ
FINAL PRICE: 50 cents!

After both transactions, I paid $10.87 for $34.47 worth of product :)  68% savings!

The pillow is not good enough to sleep on (my opinion) but it's PERFECT for a little doggy bed :-)  I think this will be my next crochet project- a bedcase for Shelby's new 50 cent pillow bed!  You can't get a dog bed for much cheaper than that!

Now I just gotta find a good deal on yarn....


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