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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Best Online Shoe Club IMO


I'm one of those people who loves LOVES shoes.   I have been using Shoedazzle for a few months now and have purchased 4 pairs of shoes and only 1 which I love. At first i thought it was a steal, i thought that nice shoe could only be purchased for $80 or more so with $40 at Shoedazzle I would get a pair shipped to my house, I thought it was a pretty great deal.  Now after a few months of intense shoe shopping,  I can honestly say that Shoedazzle's shoes are not the best deal... actually they're not a good deal at all.

Let's start with their quality.  To this day, Shoedazzle has NOT put out ONE pair of shoes which contains high quality materials.  All of the materials are man-made and every shoe I have received has had some sort of small quality defect.  Yes, small but still there and for $40, they should be pretty damn near perfect.  Now don't get me wrong, not all man-made materials suck.  I have plenty of shoes that are faux patent, satin, or faux suede.  However, there are some really great faux materials where you can barely tell that they're not real and there are others who seem like they don't even try to make look real!

The fact that they give free shipping and returns may seem like a great perk but in reality they should be giving you more than that!  They sell you shoes that cost them no more than $7 to make in some 3rd world country, sell them to your for $40, and then tell you you're getting free shipping just to make you feel like you're getting a good deal.  $40 relative to many other shoe brands may seem like a steal but also realize that Shoedazzle rarely ever has sales or deals.  This is because they're already selling at their "rock-bottom" price, they don't want to go any lower!  A while back they had a BOGO event and I bought 2 pairs of shoes that looked super cute.  When they arrived, I realized just how crappy the quality was and realized, yes this makes sense why they had BOGO, who's actually buying this stuff at full price! ah! (please don't tell me you are!!)  The stitches were crooked and the faux leather plastic dug into my feet horribly.  I tried everything with these shoes, I wore them in by walking around the house, using them for short trips to the grocery store, but nothing worked!  No matter how hard you try, if the shoe is crappy, it will never be comfortable (assuming you bought the right size and heel height for you!)

Enough with my rant about Shoedazzle, let's focus on some nice shoes now!

It just so turns out that i found this great site Sole Society, have you heard of it?
They are also an Online Shoe Club BUT the biggest difference is what? QUALITY, they have shoes that are made with REAL LEATHER not this Chinese equivalent similar crap.  I don't care how textured you make plastic, plastic is NOT leather!  And let's face it, if you want your shoes to last more than 3 months, you need them to be stitched up well made from durable materials --> leather shoes.

Sole Society has some great shoes for every style and like I said they're made with REAL materials!!  Are they still made in China?  probably.... but we have to understand that the quality standards in China are not the same throughout... they're good some places, ok in others, and just plain terrible in the remaining areas. 
Their monthly price runs a little more expensive at $50 instead of $40 (Shoedazzle) but I can't stress enough that the quality is FAR superior!!

yada yada yada.... ok so what's the deal??  Everytime I post a new rant/rave about something I hate/love there's always a deal involved or an alternative.

Have you heard of Plum District?  They're having a GREAT Black Friday sale!  Use code SUNDAY40 to get 40% off any voucher.  They just so happen to have a $50 to Sole Society for only $25 which makes it $15 after your 40% off code!! So here's your great chance to get awesome leather shoes for $15 SHIPPED TO YOUR HOUSE!! It really doesn't get any better than this!

So what are you waiting for? Try it out.. better yet gift it for Xmas! I know I would be ecstatic to get this as a gift!


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