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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ribbon Holder made from scratch

While snooping around Michael's today, I walked by the "organization aisle" at least that's what I call it... They have everything you could ever want to organize your craft room but always at a price... unfortunately too high of a price for me.  Their ribbon holder was $35!!  REALLY? I have to pay $35 just so my ribbon can be "held"?  A little ridiculous, nevertheless, my ribbon still longed to be held so I came up with this uber cheap alternative.  :-)

It's really just a "jazzed up" cardboard box  but hey, it does the trick and it sure as heck didn't cost me $35 :-)

How to Make your own Ribbon Holder Thingamajiggy:

1.  Get a box that will be large enough to house all of your ribbon spools.  (If you got in on that Urban Decay Make up deal, the box it came in is PERFECT!)

2. Cover your box to your liking with pretty paper, fabric, yarn, etc.  I used glue and tape to do this.  If you're going to mount it to the wall, don't bother covering the back part, no one but your wall will see this...

Glue it up!

Tape it up!

3. Find some sort of stick to hold all of your ribbon spools.  Mark both ends of the box and make holes to slip the stick into.  Make sure you don't make the hole too big otherwise, your stick will not be held tightly in place and it will jiggle around when you pull your ribbon later.
I used a plastic straw for my "stick" and it worked like a charm.  You can also use kabob sticks (used for grilling veggies), a long pencil, a Tunisian crochet hook, or even a stick you find in your backyard... think outside the box! (hahahhahaha)

Now slide your ribbon spools on and slide the stick you found through two of the box walls facing each other... and TADA! EZPZ.  Took a whole 15 minutes and it cost me less than 50 cents!!

Optional:  I wanted it mounted on the wall so I had the boyfriend shoot a couple screws through the back and into the wall.  I usually use thumb tacks for everything but my box was too thick and this wouldn't have worked.

 And there you have it... simple, cheap, and oh-so effective :-)


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