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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Yummy T-shirt yarn crochet rugs!

Didn't I say I was OBSESSed?  I L.O.V.E the simplicity, the reusability, the versatility of these rugs!  They brighten up a room like none other!  And like I said before, the doggies love this!

I call this one Sorbet :-)

This is the first one I ever made!!  As you can tell over on the right, this was BEFORE i figured out that to make crochet rugs, you should always keep crocheting in a spiral instead of joining and chaining for the next rows... live and learn!! This one's going in my office :-)

Here is the trio of my creations.  Now that's what I call a colorful eye orgasm :-)

The trio!!
Let's see how long I can last before starting another one!! AHA the count begins...

P.S.  Can you tell I bought a real camera and stopped using my phone?? :-D


Epic said...

Wow! You ladies have some serious crocheting skills!!!

Brenda and Kristina said...

*bow* why thank you!!!

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Very nice art, I love your work I would really appreciate it.

Brenda and Kristina said...

Thank You! It's always nice to hear from new people :-) Thanks for the kind words!

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