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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Making Labels for Homemade Crafts

I love making new projects, especially for gifts...  I mean what am I going to do with 10 pillows? But I also want to make sure that I add a little personal touch so that my homemade goodie can always be linked back to me wherever in the world it may be!

I got my sewing machine, Brother SQ9000 last Christmas and it is AWESOME!  It has this monogramming feature that I hadn't tried out until this week.  It has all the letters in the english alphabet as well as some foreign accented characters!! It was super easy to program the letters into the sewing machine and once that was done all I had to do was put the pedal to the carpet and VOILA!! Awesome little personalized nametag on my finished pillow.

Yes, yes, I know my name's actually a bit crooked on there but hey! it was my first time using it and I guess my head was tilted a bit when I started the machine..... yea that sounds good we'll go with that...
Honestly, I feel like it adds a little more flair being crooked and all so I can't say I'm disappointed.

The thread I used was part of this set that I bought on EBay from this little store in INDIA!!!  The colors in the set are AMAZING and shiny as you can see in this picture. The thread I used for the lettering is a mixture of pinks with white in it all swirled, all gorgeous looking.  To stitch the tag on, I used the blue thread which was a variety of blues and white in it too.  I used a purple non-stretchy fabric for the tag so that the letter wouldn't crinkle or risk the thread of the lettering to get torn from being stretched.  I also made sure to make the tag a bit bigger than I wanted so that I could fold over the edges of the tag and make it a nice finished edge and avoiding the future fraying that may happen from use.


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