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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Adoptable dog of the Month! Introducing Fargo! *ADOPTED*

*UPDATE* Fargo was adopted on 7/30!! YAY Fargo!!

I am currently working with a nearby shelter called Pet Rescue by Judy.  They are amazing!!!  They rescue dogs and cats that are on death row or about to be put down on their last day at the pound.  If you saw my last post on Winnie P, then I am glad to announce that she has been adopted by a wonderful couple!

Fargo is a 60lb pit/lab mix with a lot of energy and so much love to give.  He gets so excited upon seeing you come home that he can't control himself!  I take him rollerblading every day to help him release some energy and calm down.  He would do great with someone who likes to take runs or be outside!  He is also good with kids and is not aggressive for anything, not even food!  The lab part of him gives him his spunk and energy and the pit side of him makes him super loving!  The poor guy was previously shot with what seems to be bird shots (his profile says buckshot but if you know anything about shotguns then you would know that no one survives a buckshot).  You can still feel the little pellets in his leg and he also has some in his ears.  They're small and they don't seem to bother him when you touch them.  Despite being shot, Fargo is still as happy as can be!  I think it's safe to say that he is a true badass :-)

If you're interested in getting a dog, PLEASE consider adopting!  There's so many dogs that need homes.  Most of them are NOT purebred but ALL of them will love you unconditionally.  Check out Fargo's page at PRBJ HERE.
I encourage you to put in an adoption application if you're currently on the lookout for a best friend!


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